Are keyless cars such a great idea?

A person in a keyless car

More and more keyless cars are being produced in the UK. But are they such a good thing? As with everything, there are pros and cons to keyless fobs which could influence your choice of car.

Pros of owning a keyless car:


One of the luxuries associated with a keyless car is how easy it is for you to unlock your car. As long as the key is on your person, the car will unlock. This comes in handy when it’s raining, and you know that your key is buried at the bottom of a handbag or rucksack. No more time wasted getting wet. As well as this, many keyless cars also come with a keyless stop-start function which you can activate as long as the key is nearby.

Hands-free access

The other main benefit to keyless cars is that some come equipped with external sensors for opening things such as the boot. As long as the key has unlocked the car, waving your foot beneath the boot sensor will open it up – perfect if you’ve got your hands full or are holding something valuable.

Cons of owning a keyless car:

Accidents can happen

The main problem with leaving the key in the bottom of a bag if it’s too inconvenient to retrieve at the time is if the bag is going to a different location. For example, leaving the key in someone else’s bag can pose a significant problem once the bag has left the car. It won’t stop if the key is no longer present, but you won’t be able to restart the engine once you’ve switched it off. This safety feature can leave you stranded if you’re not careful.

The system is fallible

Owning a keyless car comes with some added risks. Theft is a very real problem for keyless cars, especially since thieves don’t actually need the key to drive them away. The remote system can be fooled into thinking the key is nearby by thieves boosting the radio signal. This shouldn’t put you off from owning a keyless car, however. Simple security measures like ensuring your car is fully locked or investing in a steering wheel lock can deter thieves from even trying to steal your car. Moreover, keeping your key away from windows and doors, preferably in a drawer or in a metal case, can interfere with thieves trying to hijack the radio signals.

Obviously, there are some issues with keyless cars but, with suitable precautions, they can be a viable alternative for drivers.

Do you own a keyless car? Join the debate in the comments below to share your experiences!

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