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Brake system repairs and brake fluid top-up in Sevenoaks

Antwis Engineering provides brake repairs, brake fluid top-ups and system flush at our garage in Sevenoaks. We can replace brake pads, brake discs, shoes and callipers if your brake system is playing up. We will also check your brake fluid moisture levels, hoses and pipes and give your system a clean and top-up.

Changing the brake fluid

Your brake fluid is one of the most important components of the braking system. Over time, moisture is absorbed into the fluid. This causes the braking system to become less effective and lowers the boiling point. If the brake fluid is found to have deteriorated due to a high moisture content, this will be reported. To prevent deterioration of the system, our mechanics will change your car’s brake fluid. We will remove the old fluid, clean and check the system and replace it with the correct brake fluid for your car.

When does your brake fluid need to be changed?

We will recommend a brake fluid change in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. This will prevent corrosion of the brake system so it works to its full potential. By changing the braking fluid at the recommended intervals, you can achieve maximum braking efficiency. It is recommended that your brake fluid is changed every 30,000 miles or every two years. However, this can often it can depend on the make or model of your car. If you regularly book your car in for a service, then your brake fluid will be checked at this time.

Brake warning lights

If you notice that your brake light has come on in your car, then you might need a top-up. Low fluid levels can indicate that your brake pads are worn and may require changing. It could also be due to a leak which can be dangerous for your internal system. If the fluid is low it can lead to a sudden loss of brakes, spongy brake pedal, reduced braking distance or braking failure.

If you’re experiencing excessive brake pedal movement, very low fluid level in the reservoir or insufficient fluid in master cylinder. Then Antwis Engineering recommends that you check and add fluid if necessary. However, your problem may due to air in the hydraulic system, bleed in the system, brakes out of adjustment or rear brake automatic adjustment mechanism faulty. It may just need new pads or shoes required.

Are your brakes causing a high pitched squeal?

This could be due to a worn out front brake pad or pads. This noise comes from the wear sensor rubbing against the discs, worn brake pads, traces of dirt or scored discs, dust plate bent and touching discs or a contaminated brake pad.

If your brakes aren’t working

This could be due to:

  • Broken hydraulic brake pipe
  • One section of fluid reservoir empty
  • One section of master cylinder defective
  • Pressure control valves defective
  • Defective light-laden valve
  • Defective caliper or wheel cylinder seals

Changing your brake fluid at regular intervals prevents these problems from occurring and keeps your car running smoothly for longer. Do not hesitate today, get booked in for brake repairs or a fluid change or contact us for details on what you need to do to maintain your car’s health. Book online or contact our team today.

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