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It goes without saying that keeping your car healthy is important. That’s why, at Antwis Engineering, we offer a full car health check for complete peace of mind. When our experienced technicians have looked over your car, we’ll create an easy-to-follow report highlighting any problems that we’ve spotted.

We never put any pressure on our customers, so there’s no obligation to carry out any work with us. But if you would like us to sort anything out for you, we can do that, no problem. We advise you to ensure those key maintenance items are inspected and changed according to your manufacturer service schedule. This is the best way to guarantee that your vehicle is operating at its best and most cost-efficient manner possible. Between these services it’s also important to carry out regular vehicle health checks. This will ensure that wear and tear items are maintained and your vehicle stays in top condition.

Qualified and trained technicians

Our trained technicians are on hand to perform a complimentary car health check to make sure that the key areas of your vehicle are performing as they should be. This will give you the peace of mind that your car is looking and performing at it’s best. Our expert team will inspect thoroughly the parts of your car that tend to need more looking after. We’ll also check your service history to make sure everything is up to date. Often, replacement parts can be forgotten about but it’s best to make sure parts aren’t too worn or overused, causing a breakdown and expensive bills. Our qualified technicians are on hand to help advise you and, should any repairs be needed, we’ll help to explain what needs to be done and why.

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Free winter health check

Here, at Antwis Engineering Ltd, we are offering you a free winter car health check too so that your car runs smoothly all year round. During the cold dark winter months, the last thing you need is to be stranded without your vehicle. Not only is a winter breakdown inconvenient, in many situations, it can create a real hazard. With Christmas coming soon, winter really is just around the corner.

Your car is even more important to keep on the road. You want to make sure you can take your children to school, get to work and all your essential tasks. The last thing you want is to be left out in the cold. You should already be considering a winter service for your car. Check your tyres to ensure adequate tread for icy weather. If your vehicle is in frequent use, you may even choose to change to specialist winter tyres.

Car diagnostic checks

Unfortunately, checking your internal electrical systems is just as important, but virtually impossible without the specialist equipment and the specialist technician. Our free health check uses the latest diagnostic equipment as well as over 25 years of fault-finding experience. The internal system undergoes rigorous testing, along with physical systems such as your alternator, starter motor, exterior lights and battery.

Modern cars are complex machines. They rely heavily on electronics with most vehicles optimised by on-board computer systems. Gone are the days when you can lift the bonnet and reattached a wire. With our free health check, Antwis Engineering will do all the exploration for you.

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Here at Antwis Engineering, we provide MOT testing, servicing and winter vehicle health checks for members of the public and local businesses. We really encourage people to keep up with service schedules to prevent more costly emergency repairs over the winter. We will also ensure brakes are all working effectively. Our advice is to check your service history now. When was yours last serviced?

All works, including MOTs, servicing are carried out by fully qualified technicians. Our Antwis Engineering customers do not have to have repairs done there and then. Staff will advise of any work needed to bring the vehicle up to legal standard. Our free winter health checks will look after all of this for you. We even top up fluids free of charge too.

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