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The most important part of your car is the engine. Your car’s engine is made up of many systems that all have to work together in order to make your car run the way it should. If you’re experiencing problems with your car, contact us at Antwis Engineering and we’ll help to find the solution. We can provide car repairs, MOTs and servicing for any make or model of vehicle. Book online today.

How to check if there’s a problem with your engine?

The best way to check you have a problem is to check for strange noises. Listen to your engine for the problem and the feel the symptoms and performance. Then trace those symptoms to the most likely repairs. Observation is the key to finding any car problems.

You know your car better than anyone. This means that if it’s making an unusual sound or a smell that’s not normal you will most likely notice something’s straight away. Many times a strange smell or sound is no big deal. However, when you know that something is wrong, these clues can be the key to preventing a bigger problem. Whether your car’s fault is mechanical or electrical, Antwis Engineering always aims to repair any car fault as quickly as possible. We will do this at a competitive price in a professional and friendly manner.

Free collection and delivery of your car

If you can’t get your car to us, don’t panic. Antwis Engineering offer a local vehicle collection and delivery service. No matter the problem big or small, our qualified mechanics will get you back on the road in no time. Regular car servicing is essential to keeping your car safe on the road.

Getting your car back on the road

We pledge that our technicians at Antwis Engineering will never carry out unnecessary work on your vehicle. Any repair that we complete will be in the interest of safety. We also want to help lower the chances of your vehicle breaking down. Regular servicing should detect mechanical and electrical faults before they result in any major cost. Whatever faults we find during your car’s service or health check they will be taken care of promptly. Once the car problem has been identified, the Antwis Engineering technicians will be assigned to look into it. We will determine the exact cause of the problem.

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Quality repair work

The best way to repair car problems is by fitting quality car parts with guarantee superior work. Antwis Engineering is an independent garage who will charge you reasonable prices. With car problems, it is quite often that one common problem can relate to many different areas of your car. At this point, we at Antwis Engineering Ltd would supply you with an estimate on what the cost is and what the car problems are. You can avoid the added costs or the shock of some huge repair bill. But if you explain your problem to us at Antwis Engineering Ltd. If your car engine has miss-fire, the first thing to do is to check if your spark plugs or ignition coil pack. This would save time and give us a starting place to find the problem.

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