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If a warning light is appearing on your car’s engine bay, then the likelihood is you need an engine diagnostic test to figure out what’s wrong with your car. At Antwis Engineering, we have the latest car diagnostics equipment and technology. This enables us to efficiently and accurately find the fault within your vehicle. We can find the cause quickly and fix your car to get you back on the road as soon as we can. The engine is the heart of your car. If you’ve got problems with it, you may think they might require expensive repairs. At Antwis Engineering in Sevenoaks, we can help you find any faults with our engine diagnostics service. Our experienced technicians will use the latest computer technology to carry out a complete diagnostic check of your engine.

The engine is the heart of your car. If you’ve got problems with it, you may think they might require expensive repairs. When a warning light comes up on your vehicle dashboard, a car diagnostic check is a helpful tool in quickly finding which part of your car needs repairing.

Fault code testing and car diagnostics

Car diagnostics is a method of scanning the software used within the electrical components of the vehicle. Our scanning tools link to your car’s engine bay and scans the system to find any faults. It then displays error codes that our technicians can identify to locate the problems. An engine diagnostic test is a very useful tool as it helps the technicians to easily identify issues, which allows them to repair the car quickly. Most modern cars can generate many fault codes. Your vehicle’s memory system stores these.

Some vehicles have a number of units which control areas such as engine management, brakes, suspension and even the windscreen wipers. Using a diagnostic check is quick and accurate. So, this helps to save you money since less time is required by the technician to find the problem. Minor problems may be identified and fixed before they have a chance to grow into a bigger expensive problem. A diagnostic trouble code will appear if a fault is found during the scan. With the code, our technicians at Antwis Engineering are then able to address the fault and find a solution to the problem.

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The latest technology in diagnostic testing in Sevenoaks

Any faults with your engine will be found by our state-of-the-art technology. By scanning the ECU and reading error codes we are able to determine where a fault resides. Then, all manner of things can be diagnosed this way. Not all faults are visual but some can cause poor performance, engine misfire, high fuel consumption, poor starting or you may see warning lights on the dash.

Once these faults are found, you’ll get expert advice to allow you to make a decision on the repairs required. Our mechanics can carry out car diagnostics across your car. If we find faults, we can carry out quick repairs so you can drive away without delay. Car servicing can also find underlying faults on your vehicle, so why not book your car in today using our 24 hour online booking tool. We advise you have a diagnostics check with every annual service.

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