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Are your tyres safe on the road?

Book online today to check if your tyres are legal on the road. At Antwis Engineering we can provide tyre repair, fitting, puncture repairs, wheel balancing and wheel alignment in Sevenoaks.

Having durable and healthy tyres is just one of the many factors that make for a safe and cost effective driving experience. Tread, wear, and proper alignment all play a part in keeping your tyres road worthy. It will also keep you out of harm’s way if checked regularly. In the UK, it is against the law to drive on any tread depth lower than 1.6mm. Checking your tires for tread depth, signs of wear and unusual lumps or ridges, will keep money in your pocket and keep you out trouble on the roads. Book in today for your tyre repair today including tyre fitting, wheel alignment, wheel balancing and puncture repairs.

What happens when you have worn tyres?

Worn and torn tyres that aren’t fit to be used on the road will ultimately affect your steering, braking, and power. As a result, this will impact your maneuverability and your safety.

To avoid this risk completely, it is best to get your tyres checked out. At Antwis Engineering, our highly skilled technicians will advise you as to whether you require new tyres. We can check the overall condition, along with providing advice on tyres. We can help you choose new tyres or provide guidance on when you need to change them.

Signs to look out for when you need a tyre repair

Too much tread wear and tear can be avoided. Below are some things that are usually looked over in regards to the health of your tyres:

If your tyres are over-inflated past their PSI, then they could be under too much stress. This can create minuscule tears and splits on the sides of the tyre and cause it to run flat. The weather can also have a massive effect on over-inflated tyres with the changes in temperature.

Tyres that are under-inflated can also cause a lot of wear and tear going across the centre of the tyre. To check what pressure your tyres should be at, you can check your car’s handbook. Alternatively, we can help advise you at Antwis Engineering.

Damaged shock absorbers or brakes can result in bald spots showing up on your tyres. This can lower the life of your tyres significantly.

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Getting your tyres repaired at Antwis Engineering

It is vital to have the right advice at your disposal when it comes to your car tyres. Our certified technicians at Antwis Engineering, are fully trained to spot these subtle signs and will advise you on the best possible options . We make our tyre repairs easy on the wallet and more importantly, designed to keep you and your family safe on the roads.

Book an appointment to see one of our technicians if you suspect that you need a tyre repair. Our helpful technicians will take you through what options are available to suit every situation and budget. Your safety is paramount at Anwtis Engineering. Book online today.

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