How does Wheel Alignment improve my ride?

Here at Antwis Engineering, we’ve noticed that many of our customers aren’t sure about what their wheel alignment does, what causes it or what the benefits of correct wheel alignment are. So, for that exact reason, we’ve put together this helpful guide to explain wheel alignment and why you need it.

What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment determines how straight your car will drive, based off how much your wheels point away from the central line of your car. If one or more of your wheels is pointing in a different direction or running unevenly, no matter how slight, your car’s performance and safety could be compromised.

The problems with incorrect Wheel Alignment

The quality of your wheel alignment impacts both the control you have over your car and the lifespan of your tyres. Any problems could lead to you losing control of your car, swerving across lanes, or greatly increase the wear of your tyres. This would leave you at greater risk of a blowout and in danger of having to spend a lot of money on a new set of tyres when a wheel alignment appointment would cost you considerably less money.

How to spot incorrect Wheel Alignment

It is quite easy to spot when your wheels are incorrectly aligned but, at the same time, you need to know what to look for. If your car starts pulling to one side at any point while driving or your steering wheel vibrates an excessive amount, your wheel alignment is likely to be the cause. To identify whether your wheel alignment is to blame, briefly remove your hands from the steering wheel on a straight section of road, (only when it is safe to do so) and see if you continue to drive in a straight line. If you begin to veer off to one side, it’s likely that your wheels are incorrectly aligned.

What causes incorrect Wheel Alignment?

It’s usually a minor collision that you wouldn’t necessarily pay attention to that can knock your wheel alignment out of place. If you come into contact with a pothole, the kerb or have any other minor accident, you might knock the wheels out of place.

How to correct Wheel Alignment

If you think your tyres are incorrectly aligned, you should take your car to an experienced mechanic. Here at Antwis Engineering, we have access to specialist laser wheel alignment technology which can find and fix wheel alignment problems on your car. So, if you recognise any of the problems in this blog post, we are able to help you.

If you’re worried about your wheel alignment, get in contact with us or book an appointment today online. It’s fast and free and you can book 24/7.