How to prepare your car for the summer holidays

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Tips and Tricks for car maintenance and servicing this summer!

Despite the random outbursts of rain and cloudiness, it is actually summer in the UK. There are some moments of warm weather though and you’ll probably be trying to make the most of it. From day trips to the beach and travelling to see family and friends on the weekends, chances are if you can drive, your preferred mode of transport is a car.

Before you set off on your summer road trips it’s essential that you do some simple safety checks on your car to make sure everything’s working properly. To help you out with this, Antwis Engineering and the team have put together a guide of all the things you need to look for during a summer car check. You can check some of them at home, but we also provide health checks on your car, just when you need it the most.

Checks you can do at home

One of the first things you can look at on your car are your tyres. Your car tyres change with the temperature and they’re important in keeping you safe on the roads when you need it. It’s important to check every so often for any glass that might have gotten in them and checking if there are any bulges in the tyre wall. Doing this regularly can prevent long-term damage to your tyre and potential bursting. It also means you can potentially drive a problem before your tyre runs flat in the middle of the road. Something else that should be checked regularly is each tyre’s tread depth, this legal requirement for tread depth is 1.6mm. If you have a spare tyre it’s important to check that regularly too as you’ll never know when you could need it!

It’s also vital to check what’s going on underneath your bonnet to see what needs to be refilled. Checking there’s enough coolant can be easily done by seeing where the fluid level is sitting between the minimum and maximum markings on the bottle. It’s also important to check up on the oil levels, especially in warmer temperatures. This is done by dipping the dipstick in and out of the reservoir and seeing what level it sits at between the minimum and maximum markings. When oil levels run low a warning light will come on in your car. If you wait for this light to come on it means your car will be at more risk of long-term damage so it’s best to keep on top of fluid levels in your car.

Checks you can get done at your local garage

One of the most frequent causes of car breakdowns is a dead car battery, so it should be checked from time to time. It is normally checked during your regular service schedule so if you’re all up to date, you shouldn’t have to worry. Most garages will do it for free so it’s worth taking the time out to do it if you are worried about your car’s performance. A big clue that your car battery is on its last legs is if you turn your engine on and it’s struggling to turn itself over. It’s best to get this checked by a professional as they know exactly what to look out for.

In the summer months, one thing we all rely on when we drive is our car’s air conditioning. But it’s often overlooked and forgotten about until the point when you need it. It isn’t checked during a normal service, and it is recommended to get it checked out every 2 years as refrigerant gas leaves the system over time. During this service, the pressure is usually tested and it is also re-gassed. This is important to get done as it keeps your air conditioning working when you need it the most. If it isn’t done it could lead to the gas leaking out if left for too long.

Keep up to date with car maintenance

So whether you’re staying at home or embarking on a summer road trip, as the weather changes, it’s still important to keep up to date with your car maintenance. In the long run, it’ll save you money avoiding major repairs later down the line. At Antwis Engineering, we can help provide free visual inspections of major components you’re worried about, particularly if you need to book in an MOT. We’ll make sure that your car is up and running and ready to take on the summer.

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