How to prepare your vehicle for its annual MOT test

2 mechanics working on a car

After a car reaches three years old it has to undergo an annual MOT test to check its overall condition. The test ensures that the car is safe and meets all legal requirements. Did you know that every four in ten vehicles are thought to fail their yearly MOT test? We are looking at some simple checks that can be done at home to avoid an MOT test failure.


Tyres are often forgotten about and that’s why 8% of all MOT test failures are tyre related. Tyre air pressure should be checked regularly along with its tread depth. By law, tyres should have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm. It is also important to look out for any cuts or bulges that could be in the tyres. And, these checks should also be done regularly on spare tyres.


It is thought that the most common cause of MOT test failures are dodgy lights or broken indicators. They should be checked from time to time by turning all of them on and walking around the vehicle to inspect them. To check indicators simply turn the engine on and check them. Brake and reverse lights should also be checked (although it requires two people).


One in 10 MOT tests result in failure due to a dodgy brake – but it can be avoided with a couple of checks. The first thing to check is under the bonnet, once it’s been opened, the brake fluid should be inspected to make sure it’s at the correct level. The next check requires going for a drive when in a quiet road the driver of the vehicle should brake heavily. If the vehicle makes any weird noises or pulls towards one side, the local garage performing the MOT test should be informed beforehand.

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