Should I book a diagnostic check for my car?

You’ve heard a funny noise coming from the engine. There’s a strange rattle somewhere that comes and goes. Your engine management light is on. All of these are sure-fire signs that your car needs a diagnostic check – but why is that? And is it something you can just ignore? Well, we’re here to explain all!

What is a diagnostic check?

It’s exactly the same as if you feel under the weather and go to see your GP. A diagnostic check involves a thorough examination of your car to find any problems it might have. This involves a mechanic’s expert knowledge and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to find the exact cause.

During your appointment, a mechanic will conduct a logical diagnosis to find the exact cause of your problem and then recommend a suitable repair plan to fix your car. The repairs act like the medication prescribed by your GP and get your car up and running at full capacity once again.

When should I book a diagnostic check?

We touched on a few examples in the introduction, but the main indicator of a problem is your engine management light. If you ever see this light, book an appointment as soon as possible. Please remember that a red warning light indicates an extremely dangerous fault and you should not keep driving your car. In this situation, let your recovery provider bring you into our garage.

Other than that, a diagnostic check works anytime your car feels wrong, but you can’t find the exact cause of the problem. Whenever you need an expert opinion, book with a local garage, just like you see your GP when you need medical advice.

Why should I book a diagnostic check?

There are many benefits to a diagnostic check. Not only will you improve your safety, you can improve your fuel economy and the lifespan of your vehicle as well. All of that means you’ll save a whole load of money, both at the pump and on potential future repairs! Catch your problem early before it can develop into an incredibly expensive and time-consuming breakdown.

Here at Antwis Engineering in Sevenoaks, we offer a highly affordable diagnostic check for your car. Prices start from just £60 and our fully qualified mechanics are the perfect people to put an end to your car trouble. So, if your engine management light is on, why not book an appointment online today?