Three reasons why a winter car check is so important

There are many things we can do to keep our cars in their best possible condition and a free winter car check is one of them. It’s by no means an exhaustive inspection of your car but it is incredibly important to help you get through the coldest season. Here’s our top three reasons to book one for yourself.

A winter car check gets your car ready for the season ahead

Winter can be incredibly challenging for cars and drivers alike. It’s tough. It’s unrelenting. Snow, frost, rain and the biting cold can have different effects on your car and it needs to go into battle with the elements wearing the correct armour. A winter car check helps with the transition from autumnal to wintry conditions which is crucial in keeping you moving throughout the season.

It prevents unnecessary expense on maintenance

How many times has your car refused to start during winter? The cold temperatures and bad weather can wear your car down if it isn’t prepared for the season. A flat battery can cost fifty pounds to replace all the way up to a few hundred pounds for a set of new tyres! Those problems could have been found much earlier and sorted out thanks to a free winter car check from Antwis Engineering. Why keep repeating the same old routine?

A winter car check keeps you safe in dangerous conditions

During a winter car check, our experienced mechanics will inspect the key parts of your vehicle. Your headlights, wiper blades, tyres, battery, coolant and oil levels are tested during an inspection – six key parts which keep you safe during winter. They’re also the components most likely to be affected by the weather due to their sensitive nature. We’ll make sure they’re in top working condition so they can keep you safe when you need them the most.

Clearly, a winter car check is incredibly important. Antwis Engineering offer a free winter car check to all drivers in the Sevenoaks area. It doesn’t take us long to ensure you’re ready for the season ahead and we’ll give you feedback on any problems that might be developing and could lead to issues over the winter. Why not book yours online today? You’ll help improve your car’s condition and your own safety for the months ahead.