Do female motor bloggers have a voice in the modern motor industry?

A woman blogging on a laptop

The new generation of female motor blogging

We all know that the motor industry is dominated by males when you look at stereotypes but there are some women who are trying to change that. Thanks to the internet, social media and blogging a new generation of women who are expressing their views as well as offering advice to one another. The motor industry makes billions of pounds in sales every year from women yet they continually feel ostracised by some males when they purchase a new vehicle. However, female motor bloggers are giving women support in their decisions and are slowly taking up a larger percentage of the motor industry.

Jody DeVere

Jody DeVere is one of the outspoken, leading motoring bloggers who is creating a voice for women. She founded the infamous website that provides a wide range of tips and advice on what to do when choosing dealerships. The website also offers tips on how to pick the right company to get your vehicle serviced with. The website has improved the automotive marketing industry that helps women save money with their vehicle servicing. It’s no surprise that Jody has created such a well-established and widely respected platform as her background in social media. She helps different brands use their social media tools to enhance their business and share it with new audiences.

Hillary Green

Creator of and former BMW salesperson Hilary Green is another example of women rising to the top of the ranks. Women spend over $30 billion every year on their cars and yet some women still feel intimidated by the male-dominated motor industry. Hilary saw this regularly in her job and decided to create Cars for Girls which is a platform aimed at women trying to figure out the motor industry. Hilary worked her way up from being a salesperson at a BMW forecourt in Philadelphia in the US. Eventually, she landed her own sub dealership before writing for Cars for Girls. Her BMW dealership became one of the best sales agencies in the tri-state area. As well as that she also holds the distinction at a certain point of time for being the person to sell the most pre-owned Porsches in the US.

Ling Valentine

Another great girl boss is Ling Valentine who owns – this website aims to provide women with low prices for car leases. Ling has a distinctive sense of style and a vibrant personality, this was seen when she went on a reality business show. Popular BBC show Dragon’s Den invited Ling onto the show to showcase her website to potential employers. Since then, her website has continued to grow and helped lots of women who are looking for cheap car leases. Something else that’s great about this website is one of Ling’s marketing strategies. She has her website URL attached to the side of a nuclear missile truck – you definitely won’t forget that in rush, will you?!

We think it’s safe to say that in the 21st-century women have heaps of support throughout the motor industry and have rightly paved the way for others. So, next time you’re looking for a female-friendly car service, remember that there are plenty of resources available! Book online today using our quick and easy booking tool.